Monday, December 26, 2016

Hand & CAD - The Wireframe Years - 9

Tokyo International Forum Finals (B)

More from the final phase presentation for the Tokyo International Forum which I began in the previous post, and will continue in the next four posts.

This post will cover the renderings of the “Glass Hall” (now known as the Main Lobby or the Glass Atrium). The Glass Hall is an engineering wonder, being a huge hanging glass curtain in an unstable earthquake zone. In my mind this part of the Forum is the most exciting, and at the same time the most complex bit of architecture I’ve ever worked on. As with all such spaces neither a rendering nor a model can encompass the experience. It is a space which anticipated the CAD “fly-through” animation.

The Main Lobby Level view

Above, the basic views from the Main Lobby level.

The view rendered with hidden lines.
Roughed out sky and tree placement.

Finished line with hand drawn entourage. The structure beyond the glass was redrawn with broken lines to set it behind the glass. The canoe-like roof structure was also redrawn by hand.

A team of programmers later used my team’s CAD model to produce a computer rendering of the space. It was an early example of raytrace rendering, and took an additional year to complete.

A photo of the space from a similar angle.

Plaza Level view
The basic views were limited because of the elongated cigar shape of the space.

The hidden line view.

Roughed in sky and tree placement.

The final line drawing with entourage.

A photo of the final presentation board.

A photo of the actual building from nearly the same viewpoint.

View looking down into the Glass Atrium

This photo by Stefano Orazzini, looking down into the Atrium is suggestive of the view we were looking for. I also include it because it has the atmosphere I was hoping the renderings would end up with. The limited schedule and other factors took us in a different direction.

You would think that choosing a viewpoint for such a dynamic space would be easy; it was not.
We mapped out many possible views (some of them shown on this simple isometric of the space), but the inability to run quick hidden line views meant that I had to pick out the main elements by hand. 

Above, the views to chose from. For efficiency’s sake we did not hide lines, and plotted from a minimal model.

The winner (obviously the model needed lots of development).


The final cleaned up line drawing, with people and trees.

A photo of a similar view.

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