Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hand & CAD - The Wireframe Years - 11

Tokyo International Forum Finals (D)

More Tokyo International Forum final phase presentation work. This is the 4th of 6 posts on the presentation.

The four large assembly spaces that comprise the west side of the Forum, are clearly expressed in the boxes opposite the canoe shaped glass hall. This post will include two views of the largest (5000 seat) auditorium, as well as the upper lobby which serves the auditorium.

Auditorium (Hall A) view from stage

A thumbnail sketch by Mr. Vignoly.

We only considered two views. The colored pencil sketch helped to clarify the form of the balcony.

The hidden line rendering, and more sketching.

The final line drawing.

A scan of a slide showing the final with tones.

A very small reproduction of the rendering I found in Progressive Architecture magazine.

A photo of the auditorium from a similar viewpoint.

Auditorium (Hall A) view from seats

An overall view of the auditorium model in an early stage.

Above are the audience viewpoints without hiding lines, and with added hand work to pick out the form. The model was huge, and would have wasted a lot of time trying to run a hidden line rendering.

The final hidden line rendering, and the same with sketched direction for the hand inking.
The final line drawing with people added and a dot screen applied to the proscenium.
I found photos of performances, but none of the auditorium as a space seen from this view.

Lobby Level
The lobby leading to the auditorium is above ground level, and overlooks the plaza.

The lobby was designed so as to have a clear view of the plaza and the glass hall. Therefore, all the viewpoints that we tried were aimed toward the windows.

Viewpoint adjustment and more detail.

And more detail and adjusting.

Some pastel sketching

The final line drawing

Photo with a similar viewpoint.

Next: the other halls.

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