Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hand & CAD - The Wireframe Years - 5

The 3D capability available in the early ‘90s inspired a lot of experimentation among architects and artists. I dreamed up this fantasy to entertain myself while learning AutoCAD commands. I printed the four views double sided to save paper and because I considered them throw aways. Surprisingly, I found them yesterday tucked into a binder for a “real” (paying) job, and present them here.

First, a plain vanilla view similar to what I produced by hand. No hiding of lines, and black Prismacolor pencil to establish some reality.

Second, a “worms-eye” view. You can’t see the 3 point perspective in such a non-rectalinear building, but it is there. Again, pencil shade and shadow on the print.

OK… that last wasn’t real worm’s-eye. THIS is a worm’s-eye!

And finally, an aerial with considerable overlap in the building’s faces. The pencil shading isn’t enough to clarify the volumes.

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