Friday, March 27, 2015

Dream #1

I dreamed about an artist who created a masterful drawing. He gave it to a woman, but the drawing somehow fell apart in her hands. The artist was inconsolable and just sat there staring. The woman kissed him and tried to make him feel better, but he was unmoved. An insect crawled across his chest, and the woman tried but could not make it go away.

We are human, and are nearly always stuck in the mundane. But a few times in our lives we experience God. It may be as commonplace as the first experience of love, or your first orgasm. An athlete may feel it in extreme exertion leading to victory; a scholar in mastering an obscure subject. An artist may experience it in a creation that goes beyond what he thinks he can do.

These experiences normally happen in our youth, and become rare as we age. If we are wise we cherish them, because when they occur we feel God in us. If we are foolish we chase the feeling for its own sake, in sex, drugs and extreme experiences. But the real thing is rare and precious, because it shows us what we could be, but cannot be… God. We are made in the image; we are not… 

It is an important lesson, and one that, if forgotten, leads to chaos and death.

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