Sunday, March 10, 2013

Architectural Faces

I try to make a birthday card for my kids every year. This one from several years ago takes an old drawing of an arched double window, and makes it into a weird face. People have been making buildings that resemble human and animal body parts for a long time, as well as pretending that buildings can talk and act like humans. But that is a blog for another time. Here, presented for your viewing pleasure, are a collection of building faces (or facades), and the faces they really want to be.

Insect faces are so varied and geometrical that it is hard not to make comparisons. I imagine that the movement toward non-rectilinear modern design will show more and more connection with insect ‘design’.

If I could have found a picture of someone in a helmet sticking out their tongue, it would have been perfect. As it is, Bismarck will have to do.

Droopy mustaches seem to be everywhere…

Snaggle-toothed churches are as rare as a redneck with all his teeth.

There are towers that grin at you (insincerely)…

And, rather startled facades.

This set of windows seems to be appalled at something. Perhaps he has lost his parents, and he is “home alone”.

This mosque has more in common with the Bashi Bazouk than their shared religion.

I like to think of this paring as the Facebook fa├žade.

There is a certain exuberance in both the lady and the “Lodging”.

So, what does the image from the birthday card suggest to you?


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