Friday, December 14, 2012

Coffee Break Art

I have been busy cleaning out some cabinets, and happened upon a small wooden salad bowl.  Since it was not part of a set, and pretty much useless to me, I threw it into the trash.  A minute later I fished it out and took it downstairs where I had my painting palette still dirty with old oil paint.  I painted a face on the bottom of the wooden bowl, then thinking it needed something else, I took a pair of my old wirerimmed glasses, sniped the temples short, popped the lenses, and attached them to the face.

Voila!  My friend Woody.

Of course this is nothing new.  Every human does it in one way or another.  My father was an engineer, and he would cobble together electronic gadgets all the time.
Me, I twist up copper tubing, hang it on the wall, and call it ART.
This one?  Obviously a self portrait.

And then you have all the old equipment that is now obsolescent.  Below, the innards of an old video tape player ala Louise Nevelson.

But the truth is, I'm a 2D guy.  So when I saw my old Paasche 'V' laying there I had to spray it to see what it would look like.  Looks like a ghost to me; or a late career Turner painting.

And then you have the pure accident.  Long ago, rushing out to vacation I left a brush in a puddle of paint.  When I came back the dried paint had left a fossil-like impression.  The brush was a write-off, but I kept the fossil ever since.

And just to prove that I keep good company, here is a palette landscape done by Pissarro in 1878.  Good job Camille, you made it onto Wikimedia Commons!

Let's hope we're all so lucky.

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